5/2/2019 Notes

The new cool is the email newsletter, and The Prepared is one of my favorites. They also post some great long-form stuff, like their latest article exploring the construction history of Saint John the Divine in New York.

Older video of an elementary school drop off queue, but one that’s been stuck on my saved list for years. Every time I think about deleting it, I’m recaptured by the absurdity. I get it – rural places exist, long bus routes means kids need to get up too early, school districts are incentivized to build on cheap land on the boundaries, etc. A good suburban example of this is Saco, Maine – all of the schools are in dense residential areas except for the middle school which is marooned on the outskirts beyond a major highway. Which school would you guess was built in the 1970’s?

It’s the little details that are the most confusing – Oil Safety Valves are reverse threaded.

I’m in the middle of approving final details for a large cabinet order and am once again vexed by an inside corner cabinet. Blind, lazy-susan, or pivot-swing shelves? All seem like good ways to end up with something gross permanently hidden the bowels of your cabinetry. Couldn’t agree with Nancy Hiller more in this post from 2018.