6/13/2019 Notes

Festool has a flash sale site for reconditioned tools.

Words get spilled about ‘warranty work’ and ‘call backs’ on construction jobs, but you hear less about ‘rework’ – work discovered to be deficient before the completion of a job. That’s what seems to be on display at NYC’s Hudson Yards which opened this year – tons and tons of rework.

I’m not sure when solar panel leasing started, but I don’t think it ever seemed like a good idea. Lease space on your roof for someone else to install electrical equipment, making it impossible to service your roof service and encumbering your property at sale? I’ve known people who have done it, but the downsides always seemed striking and lightning has finally struck a JLC editor. The leased panels on his roof caught fire, damaging his roof and now he’s struggling to get them removed. Here is his original story from April 3rd and the follow-up from May 22nd of 2019.

Many of my likes and dislikes can be mapped to ‘things with a system’ and ‘things that don’t have a system but should’. The Copenhagen Central Hospital Laundry is a building with a system. The photographer, Alastair Philip Wiper has some other great galleries of his architectural photography.

Software As A Service of the Week: Pinboard.in