5/28/2020 Notes

parking ticket machine covered in delft tiles
Unusual application of Delft Tiles. Photo by Metro Centric CC BY 2.0

Put the Royal Delft Museum on your travel wishlist. Here’s an article on the history of this particular tile craft.

Lost Art profiled Freddy Roman this week, his personal blog can be found here. To my surprise, the most recent entry was a review of a weatherizing tool that I’ve been wondering about, great to see he has had good results with it! You can find the tool for sale through Conservation Technologies (they call it their ‘Cornerseal System’).

A video on How the Staircase Made the Victorians Suffer. Not the fastest paced exploration, but worth it for the visual demonstration in the second half of how precarious a poorly designed staircase can be – one slip and you’re falling quite a ways.

Structure Tech released their internal training video on water intrusion. Looks, it’s an hour and a half which is a stretch, but if you can stick it in the background it’s an incredible montage of poor exterior overhang/valley/trim details. Coming from New England, home of the zero overhang cape, it shines a searing light on what a bad design detail that is.

Steam Engine of the Week: A 1915 Erie Steam Shovel Type A demonstration – I’m sure I’m not the only one with childhood memories of Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel. In retrospect, reads a bit odd once you realize the steam shovel is a sentient creature trapped for eternity in a basement.