6/11/2020 Notes

One of the buildings that make up The Fuggerei. Picture by Allie_Caulfield licensed CC BY 2.0

The Fuggerei is the world’s oldest social housing complex still in use, serving a community of “needy Catholic Augsburgers” since the 1500’s. It is located in Augsburg, Germany and there is a museum onsite. The best overview I found is this Smithsonian Magazine article from last year.

Back in late April Fine Homebuilding hosted a webinar on double-stud walls featuring Dan Kolbert and Ben Bogie of Kolbert Building out of Southern Maine. The recording is available to watch here. Video quality is a little rough, but stick it on in the background – it’s always helpful to hear from the people who actually have to build the assemblies.

A short GIF of an old wood veneer cutting machine.

A brick wall rippling effect is achieved using augmented vision software to allow the precise placement of each individual brick.

Forced Landing of the Week: Engine failure leads to a forced landing of an antique P-51 in this video. What’s fantastic is the analysis of the forced landing that is included in a separate interview segment between the pilot Mark Levy and Richard McSpadden of the AOPA Air Safety Institute. There is a lot to glean from the analysis regarding how to manage your own head space while evaluating and reacting to difficult situations.