1/14/2022 Notes

Leicester Mercury – Cityscape of Leicester in January 1954 from the roof of the Colleges of Art and Technology looking across houses towards Filbert Street and the power station beyond

A Visit to Milwaukee’s Last Public Drinking Well. If you want to visit, it is located in the 1700 block of East Pryor Ave, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

A short (3:15) video showing the construction of art crates at Mana Art Services in Chicago, Illinois.

Contemporary photos and the history of the Greenwich Foot Tunnel in London, England. A temporary repair from World War II is still in place and now bears a plaque. Never underestimate the longevity of a repair!

I was just buying a couple more of these magnets for finding studs and thought, I bet some people don’t know about them! Buy a dozen, they stick to drywall screws through the finish. If you stick enough up you can ‘see’ the framing very easily. They are plastic coated and I have never left a mark using them, even when I slide them around on the wall.

True Crime Story of the Week: Lumber Poachers Foiled by Tree DNA