Frequently Asked Questions

What is this website? Who are you?

I like talking about the built environment. I have a background in cartography (and still produce maps and research for a select number of clients), but currently work as a residential construction estimator for a design-build firm in Madison, Wisconsin. Prior to my current role I spent time as a design-build residential project manager as well as an industrial facility development consultant – that covers just about the last decade.

My thoughts on what constitute a good solution to a building problem are colored by the Wisconsin Uniform Dwelling Code (where I currently work) and the International Code Council’s 2009 versions of the IBC, IRC, IEBC, and IECC (which were the codes in Maine when I worked there – Maine has now adopted 2015 for IBC/IRC/IEBC as of January 2018).

You will see a lot of discussion of both residential construction as well as residential/commercial urban form – I’m of the opinion that no building can be separated from it’s environment.

How do I contact TYPD?

Drop me a note:

I’m not very active on most social media platforms, email is the best way to reach me. I’m always interested in building questions that I can help answer as well as interesting reads!

No. If I talk about a product, I’m not being paid to do so. I also do not run paid blog posts.