6/27/2019 Notes

Exterior of tenement house, New York City

There has been a slow trickle of digitized urban photography over the last couple of years – not explicitly art photography, but the grim and grind photography of urban administration. New York has put online historical Tax Assessment Photos covering tens of thousands of buildings. Here’s a good introduction to the collection published in the New York Times from December 2018.

It’s not always easy to find non-leather work boots and tool systems. I’ve had some luck with Bogs for non-leather boots, but they recently discontinued their rubber lace-up steel toe boot so the future is hazy on that front. For tool belts I recently came across Diamondback Toolbelts which sell a modular tool belt/pouch system – they don’t specifically note the material, but other reviews indicate that they use cordura fabric. Let me know if you have a Diamondback and how it’s working out.

The impossible screw, a physical brain worm.

Reuben Saltzman of Structure Tech recently reviewed the issues with attaching decks to homes with brick veneer and does a great job of laying out the simple issue – bricks are almost always a non-structural cladding material these days. This is one of those details you can keep an eye out for, not only with decks but with anything that looks heavy attached to a brick veneer.

Sporting Event of the Week: The Megavalanche, check out Damien Oton’s run from 2018 here