7/4/2019 Notes

interior of frederick douglass house restoration photo

On this, our independence day:
“Such people lived then, had lived before, and will, probably, ever have a place on this planet; and their course, in respect to any great change, (no matter how great the good to be attained, or the wrong to be redressed by it), may be calculated with as much precision as can be the course of the stars. They hate all changes, but silver, gold and copper change! Of this sort of change they are always strongly in favor.”

When products are manufactured in a factory the assembly process can be inspected and the product tested to find issues introduced when transitioning a product from design development to line production. There are always new ways to produce an unexpected result. This opportunity is hard to come by on a construction site where personnel work independently, instructions can be confusing or incomplete, and inspections of completed work are never comprehensive. Structure Tech recently ran into an example of this: they were missing a key part of fire stop collar inspections – the fastener used really matters. For new construction, it looks like wood blocking should be installed to receive the collar to avoid the use of toggle fasteners.

A look into the set design of HBO’s Chernobyl.

Berlin Brandenburg Airport came up in conversation this past week and it stirred vague memories – wasn’t that place supposed to open almost a decade ago? I remember reading articles about the opening delay years and years ago. Yup, looks like the construction flaws persist and it still won’t be opening anytime soon. A highlight – 750 display screens need to be displayed due to end of life caused by running test arrival/departure data for more than seven years during the delay.

Gift Idea of the Week: Acme Klein Bottle designed and sold by Cliff Stoll. You may recognize him from the book The Cuckoo’s Egg (1989). Here is a great video of his inventory storage and retrieval system built under his home.