7/11/2019 Notes

Flags hung on canal boats. T. R. Roosevelt, Delft, Holland.

Quo Vadis is an interactive boat simulator designed for patients with dementia, leaning on the wide experiences with boating among the elderly on the island of Goeree-Overflakkee in the Netherlands. Here is another video showing how it all got put together.

I think of myself as unusually exposed to new, buzzy construction concepts – but I missed the latest topic of the week: the T-Stud. I’m a double-stud advocate and thought someone would eventually come up with some kind of ‘double stud’ component, but the T-Stud is a little different than I expected. It doesn’t have the same short dimension as a 2×4 or 2×6, which is an interesting construction norm to violate. Here’s a good overview by Peter Yost at Green Building Advisor. I do wonder where the tech comes from, as Roosevelt Energy Technologies refers to themselves as the “north american licensee.”

The Fine Homebuilding Podcast recently mentioned that Martin Holladay of Green Building Advisor and general infamy will be retiring. Don’t see anything on GBA about it, hopefully he’ll get an official send-off. Martin’s writing is a place I’ve found key insights as my career has developed.

I’ve got to ask our steel vendor if they’ve heard of these DuraSquirt self-indicating washers, they ‘squirt’ material out when they’ve been fastened to the correct torque. There just isn’t a ton of steel in single family residential buildings, so getting the install torque right often can’t be done through pure experience.

Individual Contributor of the Week: Lew French of Stone by Design is an example of mastering one particular skill and making it your life’s work. Martha’s Vineyard is an odd place – there are a number of really excellent craftspeople living and working on an island only a couple of miles wide. John Abrams, for example.