9/10/2020 Notes

From 13.31 by Varya Kozkevnikova and Lera Pavlikova

Factory O/S has announced an opening date of September 14, 2020 for their second modular fabrication facility on the west coast. They are heavily supported by some of the California tech giants.

Always nice when a play by play building blog pops up, here is one for a home in Vermont that just hit the septic install stage. Here’s the first post which has a few images of the design.

Britain has an issue with cars parking on sidewalks. Weirdly, one of the few urban infrastructure issues the USA doesn’t seem to have.

Journal of Light Construction was the source for this video which shows the use of a portable fog machine to illustrate air leakage. The builder did a nice job, the issues discovered were generally related to the double-hung windows and slider patio door – a known issue with those types of doors/windows.

Photo Series of the Week: Varya Kozhevnikova and her daughter Lera Pavlikova shot a photo series titled 13.31 starring themselves exploring their relationship as teenage daughter and (former) teenage mother.