9/24/2020 Notes

Schwebebahn by Sascha Kohlman licensed CC BY-SA 2.0

A programmer posts about his house build issues and what he would change about the process. Reading the list of issues, there are a ton of overlapping causes – bad material selections, bad specifications, bad record keeping, bad site hygiene, and (of course) bad work. Despite this spiderweb of root causes, it all boils down to a an unacceptable result. Why did the programmer choose to work with this contractor and his subcontractors? Figuring that out would reveal a lot.

1902 Footage and 1972 Footage of the Wuppertal Suspension Railway. Maybe ‘they don’t build them like they used to’ should rather be ‘they don’t maintain them like they used to.’

Something that gets missed a bit in new building design is the concept of ‘the next occupant’ – what will they understand or not understand? Here is a good example from MIT where a previous office occupant installed a custom window opener in the pursuit of automated comfort, the current occupant figured out a work around, and now is trying to document the situation for future occupants.

Here is another one over at Green Building Advisor, Revisiting the Sunrise House in Fairbanks which details the second owner of Thorsten Chlupp’s experimental house. It’s behind a paywall unfortunately, but if you have the means GBA is really worth the subscription.

Kickstarter of the Week: Tiny Treehouses is a set of laser cut, intricate house models to liven up your house plant displays.